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Announcement: The Philanthropy Workshop is Now Forward Global

Forward Global, previously known as The Philanthropy Workshop (TPW), was founded in 1995 as a project of the Rockefeller Foundation. The organization has specialized in strategic philanthropy education and support to individuals and families around the world. 

This year, we changed our name to Forward Global to more accurately reflect who our community is today and where we are going. 

Renee Kaplan became CEO of Forward Global in 2018. “What began as a stand alone education program nearly 30 years ago has evolved into a robust community of 400 active change agents who exemplify what the future of philanthropy and social impact can be,” she shares. “The majority of global giving is in the hands of individuals and families, not foundations or institutions. Given the complex and urgent nature of social issues today, we need to challenge wealth holders to take action and deploy not just their money, but their time, talent and ties to drive meaningful change.”

Our mission remains steadfast – to shape the future of giving as a global community activating resources to maximize social impact. Forward Global partners with individuals and families and curates world class learning experiences, peer community connections, and a curated platform for collective action. Today, the global community of over 400 deploys $1 billion across all issue areas serving local and global communities.

As a community, we adopt core principles that guide all our work:

  • Philanthropy should focus on strategic, urgent change 
  • We challenge inequitable systems to advance social justice 
  • All resources must be leveraged, including time, talent, treasure and networks 
  • Giving should be increased and unrestricted
  • We address root causes, rather than just treating symptoms 
  • Working together (versus alone) achieves greater outcomes and unlocks joy 

“Forward Global is operating at a whole other level. It is exactly what our world needs,” shared a Forward Global Member. “I feel so inspired—and ready to get my kids involved.”

We are determined to build a world that works for ALL people—and the planet. Join us!  Visit to learn more.