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Forward Global Announces Launch, a New Fiscal Sponsorship programme, Including First Sponsored Project: The Clean Energy Communities Fund

Today, Forward Global, a membership community of 400+ philanthropic funders, announces two exciting initiatives in pursuit of its mission to help build a world that works for all people and the planet. The organisation unveils Forward Global Launch, a new fiscal sponsorship option for members and values-aligned partners, streamlining the process for philanthropists to support innovative ideas. Its first sponsored project is: The Clean Energy Communities Fund, a groundbreaking initiative empowering thousands of communities and individuals across the United States to embrace clean energy solutions.

Forward Global Launch: Simplifying Philanthropic Giving

Forward Global Launch empowers members to make social impact by providing them with a comprehensive fiscal sponsorship resource. Through this programme, members can support impactful projects quickly and efficiently, without the burden of establishing and managing their own non-profit organisations, and at a significantly lower cost than industry norms.

The Clean Energy Communities Fund: A Nationwide Call to Action

The Clean Energy Communities Fund is a crucial step in tackling climate change. This visionary project, spearheaded by philanthropic leader Kristi Kimball, aims to empower communities nationwide to lead the transition to clean energy. Recognizing the potential of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, the Fund bridges the gap between policy and citizen action.

  • Using a trust-based, rapid grantmaking approach, the Fund will directly support 2,000 U.S. communities to jump start or accelerate their local initiatives, helping residents upgrade homes and vehicles to run on clean energy.
  • Over three years, the Fund plans to distribute $180 million in grants, boosting the capacity of communities to launch new programmes for residents, raise more funds, and grow their local clean energy workforces. These initiatives will engage neighbors in conversation with each other about solar panels, heat pumps, electric vehicles and pro-electrification policies, and will engage local contractors in talking to their peers about how clean energy technology improves their businesses.
  • Dedicated to a just transition, the Fund will spend more than 40% in under-resourced communities and will prioritize equitable outcomes in all programmes.

Measurable Impact and a Brighter Future

In response to member feedback, Forward Global designed Launch to help activate capital to maximise social impact. “We are thrilled to work together to help US communities make the critical shift to clean energy,” CEO Renee Kaplan shared. “This is exactly the kind of significant, innovative philanthropic project that Forward Global members are known for. And we look forward to helping launch many more world-changing initiatives.”

“I was drawn to Forward Global’s track record of educating leading philanthropists, helping launch their projects, and facilitating an ongoing community of collaboration and impact,” Kristi Kimball said. “The potential for our collaboration is exciting.”