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New Economy Action Lab

New Economy Action Lab: Capitalism & Narrative Change

Join the New Economy Action Lab to explore narratives that shape the way we understand our history, and economy, and what success looks like for society. . This session is highly recommended for members who are interested in funding narrative change work to support a more just and sustainable economy.

Climate Action Lab

Supporting Climate-Forward Conservatives in the Search for Bipartisan Solutions

Many climate donors are unaware that there are dozens of right-of-center nonprofits in the US committed to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and mobilizing conservatives for climate action.  Only 2% of all climate philanthropy flows to right-of-center groups, which results in a dearth of policy analysis and constituency support that could... Read more »

Next Gen Action Lab

How to be an advocate

What does the term "advocacy" mean to you as a Next Gen? Is it about attending a protest, funding social movements, supporting policy change, or maybe speaking out for change in your networks or in the sector? Advocacy takes diverse forms and plays a pivotal role in propelling significant social change;... Read more »

AI for Humanity Action Lab

AI for Humanity: Policy & Governance

Given how novel the issues and challenges around AI are, we find ourselves in a critical window of opportunity to shape foundational norms and regulatory frameworks that could positively influence the development and deployment of AI. These mechanisms can include imposing guidelines around the ethical development of AI, supporting research... Read more »


Action Planning

Moving from theory to action is one of the most important, but most difficult parts of the philanthropic journey. Forward Global's Action Planning programme is designed to help you bridge the gap, to articulate your strategy with peers who will provide feedback and accountability, and to identify your next steps... Read more »

Family Table Action Lab

The Family Table: Peer Workshop

Working together as a family that desires to have impact, especially across generational differences and transitions, can bring great joy and connection but also complex dynamics and challenges. Join this peer workshop session of The Family Table to help you gain fresh perspectives and insights into a challenge you are... Read more »


Canada Coffee Hour

Join us for the Forward Global Canada Coffee Hour in a slightly different format! An “office hours” environment where you can stay for as little or as long as you like. This hour will be open for questions, reflections, stories, and ideas. Recommended especially for Canadian members who are seeking clarification on programmes, membership, or building connections and reflecting on their philanthropic journeys in a member-only space.

Mental Health Funders Call

Are you interested in or currently funding mental health and eager to connect with peers on the topic? Join this conversation to be in community with peers who are actively thinking through their own strategies and decisions related to mental health and overlapping issues. In this session, we will invite... Read more »


Seed The Solstice

Join us in celebrating the Summer Solstice with a fresh perspective on one of the most powerful but often overlooked tools to build a better world: ART! We’ll kick off the morning with Benjamin Von Wong, a World Economic Forum Cultural Leader. Benjamin will speak to the power of art in accelerating movements:... Read more »


Pride Happy Hour

Calling all LGBTQ+ members and allies! Join Forward Global as we celebrate Pride Month and continue to grow our community of philanthropic queer folks and allies. Come to The GLBT Historical Society Museum for a private opening, where Executive Director Roberto Ordeñana and other movement leaders will remind us of... Read more »

Democracy Action Lab

Democracy Action Lab

In Democracy Action Lab, we ask: What strategies and interventions will contribute to the long-term vitality of liberal democracy in the United States and around the world? In every session, we combine conversation with peers, deep dive learning with leaders from the field, and interactive discussion to operationalize learning into... Read more »

AI for Humanity Action Lab

AI for Humanity: AI & Jobs

The widespread adoption of AI technologies could lead to a major restructuring of the economy, which in turn could increase social inequalities from uneven distribution of economic gains, financial instability, loss of high-quality and safe employment, the use of underage or exploited labor, and social unrest. At the same time,... Read more »