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Essentials London

Date: Oct 04, 2024

Location: London, UK

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October 4 All day

Forward Global is a global community of 400+ philanthropic funders united by their commitment to learning, collaboration and unlocking resources for positive social change.

Essentials programmes introduce the Strategic Roadmap, covering the core principles and practices that Forward Global believes are critical for all philanthropic funders. They are designed to help participants make the most of other opportunities across the global community and provide an excellent opportunity to make new connections and clarify your sense of direction moving forward.

This one day, in-person Essentials programme will be held in London, UK on 4 October. We will cover questions including:

What are the core principles I should consider in my funding practice?

How can I find my philanthropic focus?

How can I develop a strategy for systemic change?

How can I find grantees and build trusted relationships?

How can I think about impact measurement and learn and grow as a funder?

We will use case studies, personal reflection, partner work, and interactive activity to help explore these questions as a group. 

The Essentials is ideal for:

Philanthropists or social investors interested in joining Forward Global

New Forward Global members planning to join the full Cohort

New Forward Global members planning to join an Action Lab or other Forward Global programme

Existing Forward Global members who completed the Cohort more than 3 years ago and want a refresher

Essentials participants are encouraged to continue their journey with Forward Global as part of a full Cohort. Previous participants have commented:

“The whole process of having a peer group does a lot for personal accountability – it pushes us not to stagnate.”

“There is so much I’ve gained from the Cohort – just having people to engage with has been terrific. One word that I’m taking away from this is joy – the joy of the process. There is so much in my life that feels burdensome, so to sustain me this work has to be joyful.”

“I realised I’ve been thinking too narrowly about things, about my resources, my impact. I’ve been boxing myself in necessarily. A big takeaway for me has been the need to challenge myself to broaden my thinking, to recognise more broadly what I can do and where.”

“I really loved the entire process of talking to my new peers; we learn stuff through TPW and then put it into practice by talking to your peers who are actually doing it.”

“Super useful, loved the whole thing.”

The next steps in the Cohort are:

1. Take a Journey with Forward Global. This is a chance to learn from real-life cases of systems change and explore what core principles look like in practice. 2. Then move to Action Planning, designed to help you bridge the gap from theory to strategic action with the support and accountability offered by your peers.

This programme will run all day on Friday, 4 October, 2024; exact timing & location in London to be confirmed.

Places are limited, so please register early to avoid disappointment. For any questions, please reach out to Global Director of Programmes, Sam Underwood at