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European Gathering

Date: Nov 19, 2024


Location: London

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November 19 @ 8:30 am 4:00 pm UTC+0

Philanthropy in Europe has a flow problem. Ideas and innovations don’t flow as easily as they should and get lost in translation between people of different generations, politics, or national identities.

Relationships and partnerships don’t always flow across sectors, and even those sectors are split into narrow, inward-looking siloes. There is great opportunity to think holistically about how we collectively solve a problem – how we work with Government, business, civil society, communities and fellow funders for lasting impact.

And finally, resources don’t flow with the scale or ambition we need. If we can better communicate, we can mobilize more donations through grantmaking, and catalytic capital through innovative social finance, and more non-financial resources (our time, talent, ties and testimony.)

On 19 November 2024, Forward Global will host our first European Gathering with the theme of Dialogue Across the Divide. We will identify the barriers that hold us back, and how we can take them down, personally and as a collective. Participants will leave feeling energized, informed, equipped, connected and ready to take action.

Below is more information about the purpose of the Gathering, who it is for, and what we will discuss during.

Who is the Gathering for?

The Gathering is designed for any funder and impact-driven asset owner curious about how they can best contribute to a more just and sustainable world. If you feel frustrated about the state of philanthropy, believe the sector could do better or feel you could have more impact, the Gathering is for you.

We will embrace our Forward Global culture of trust and challenge, open and candid discussion, and action orientation. We will avoid jargon, prioritize conversations over long presentations, and keep the content dynamic.

If you are a funder or impact-driven asset owner who is not currently a member of Forward Global and would like to learn more, please reach out to

What is the purpose of the Gathering?

The purpose of the Gathering is to build energy in the European philanthropy space behind a movement for a “new normal.” 

As part of this goal, the Gathering will aim to leave participants feeling:

More energised to make your contribution to a more just and sustainable world
Challenged by views and perspectives that may differ to your own, but enrich your understanding of our collective challenges and potential solutions
Better informed about the challenges and potential paths forward in European philanthropy 
Better equipped with the skills and practices to pursue innovative collaborations and solutions
Better connected to values and mission-aligned funders in the space
Increased clarity on the priority actions you can take to move forward

We will support participants to find the appropriate next steps after the Gathering, and will share outcomes to participants who choose to stay part of our community moving forward.

When and where is the Gathering?

The Gathering will take place in central London (venue tbc) on November 19, 2024. The main agenda will take place from 8:30am to 4:00pm, and will be followed by an informal reception.

Participants can join an informal meal the night before the Gathering. If you would like to join, please reach out to

How much is the Gathering?

The Gathering is free to Forward Global members. We invite guests to consider membership following the Gathering.

What is on the agenda, and what will we discuss?

The agenda will be based on the Dialogue across the Divide theme. We will discuss several sub-themes, including:

Intergenerational dialogue
Cross-sector collaboration
Regional differences in philanthropy (including differences between the UK, EU, US and Global South, with opportunities for shared learning and alignment.)