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Journey to Greenland

Date: Sep 05, 2024 - Sep 09, 2024

Location: Greenland

Journey to Greenland Register

September 5 September 9 UTC+0

Registration for this Journey is now closed. If you have question please reach out to

In October 2023, scientists warned the Earth was on the edge of five “catastrophic climate tipping points”. Once crossed, these tipping points could lead to domino effects including mass displacement, food shortages and financial collapse, undermining progress across a broad range of social and environmental issues. 

The collapse of ice sheets in Greenland is one of the most urgent of the five tipping points. A February 2024 report outlined how this collapse could potentially lead to shifts in ocean currents that for millennia have regulated the climate in the US, UK and across the world. 

Scientists are clear that tipping points can be positive as well as negative. With strategic, coordinated, and urgent investment, philanthropy can play a crucial role in accelerating systemic shifts that make the world a safer place for the generations to come.

Given the clear urgency, Forward Global has decided to partner with Active Philanthropy to run a Journey to Greenland from September 5-9, 2024. The Journey is designed to help participants to see, feel and understand the significance of this moment in history, to discover the most promising systemic solutions, and to leave feeling inspired and equipped to make a difference. Our generation will be remembered by how we respond to the current moment. At Forward Global we know that the challenge is daunting, but we are confident in our ability to act as a community. We invite you to join us, and hope to see you with us in September.

By participating in this programme you will:

Better understand the reality of the climate crisis and the viable paths towards a more safe and sustainable future, including climate mitigation and adaption.
Better understand how systemic interventions work in practice: including the role of research, community empowerment, policy & advocacy, business engagement and storytelling.
Better understand the role of philanthropy and social investing in contributing to these interventions.
Leave feeling more motivated and energized to commit to social and environmental impact.
Make and deepen strategic connections with peers 
Leave with practical next steps

Places are limited and members are encouraged to register no later than 1 March. More information is included below and in this FAQs document.

What will I spend my time doing?

We will be based in Ilulissat, perched on Greenland’s west coast, about 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. Ilulissat lies at the mouth of the Ilulissat Icefjord – a UNESCO World Heritage protected site. This small town will act as our base. 

Around half of the programme will be experiential, including an overnight trip to Eqi Ice Camp to visit an active glacier that calves at regular intervals. We will also meet with Inuit leaders and learn how they are adapting to their radically changing environment. 

These excursions will be interspersed with discussions led by a world-leading climate scientist, Twila Moon, who is resident with us for the duration of the trip. The scientist will provide an update on the status of climate change, unpack the responses we are seeing from philanthropy, civil society and government, as well as explore business threats and opportunities. 

We will also run interactive workshops each day, including opportunities for participants to learn from the work of their peers and discover new ideas and opportunities for philanthropic funding and social investment. As with all Forward Global Journeys, we will take time at the end of the programme to synthesize what we have learned, and identify learnings and next steps. A day-by-day agenda is available in the FAQs document, here.

Is this Journey for me?

This Journey is for any Forward Global member interested in immersive learning. While the content will focus on solutions to the climate crisis, we will highlight transferable learnings relevant to funders pursuing systemic change in any field. We are expecting great interest in this Journey, and as such will be prioritising Forward Global members first, before opening up spaces to family members who may wish to accompany. 

We ask that all Forward Global members have made their annual contribution in the prior 12 months in order to join this journey. Please talk to your Relationship Manager if you have any questions about your annual contribution. 

Who is delivering this Journey?

Forward Global has partnered with Active Philanthropy to co-create this journey. Active Philanthropy is a Berlin-based social venture that supports supports philanthropists and philanthropic organisations who wish to engage in climate action. 

Since Active Philanthropy were established in 2006, they have carried out 22 expeditions to the Ilulissat ice fjord on Greenland‘s west coast, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. These expeditions are often co-created with partners, and have proved to be extremely impactful with participants.

When should I register?

The Journey will have a strict registration cap of 18 people with places given on a first-come first-served basis, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The program fee will be 11,000 EUR and is inclusive of flights from Denmark to Greenland & accommodation.

Given the limited spaces, we are initially prioritising Forward Global members. If you would like to bring a peer or family member who is not a Forward Global member, please send the request to If spaces are still available by 1 March, we will open up places for +1s.

Where would I need to fly into and out from, and when?

We ask everyone to arrive into Copenhagen on Wednesday 4th September. You will need to organise and pay for these international flights, as well as the night’s accommodation in Copenhagen. We will then fly together to Greenland on the morning of Thursday 5th September, when the program formally begins. These flights, and the accommodation in Greenland, is covered by your fee.

The flight back from Greenland arrives in Copenhagen at 8pm on Monday September 9th. We recommend organizing to stay the night of September 9th in Copenhagen, and taking your international flight on Tuesday September 10th. 

Where can I get more logistical information?

Click here for a list of logistical FAQs including:

  • What is the day-by-day agenda?
  • What does my programme fee cover?
  • What do I need to book myself? 
  • Where should I stay in Copenhagen the night of the 4th and 10th?
  • Where will we be based in Greenland? 
  • Will I have mobile phone reception and WiFi?
  • How do I make payment? 
  • What is the cancellation policy?