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Systems Studio

Date: Nov 12, 2024


Location: Virtual

Systems Studio Register

November 12 @ 8:00 am 11:00 am UTC-8

“An outstanding program! This is one of the best programs I have participated in at TPW. Nadia is amazing.”

“Systems change is often a buzzword, but having completed this programme, I have never felt such clarity over it. Nadia has a unique tool that is so helpful.”Past Systems Studio Participants

​Join this program, led by Nadia Roumani of Stanford University, for a highly interactive workshop and discussion designed to help you clarify your role as a social investor supporting systems change. This program is a great fit for members with a foundational understanding of systems change looking to go a level deeper, apply these principles to their own strategies and identify clear next steps.

In the Systems Studio, Nadia will support you to:

Map the system you are working in and identify key leverage points.
Understand your role and how to consider your impact as a social investor.
Identify barriers to systemic collaboration and how to overcome them.
Consider how to work with government, peer funders and other key stakeholders with a view to scale.

Participants will join the workshop with a specific strategic challenge that they will workshop throughout the programme from a systems perspective. Examples might include improving mental health awareness and support on a local level, improving national immigration policy or supporting innovative climate mitigation strategies on a global level. Participants without a strategic challenge will be able to work from a case study of their choice.

Day One will focus on systems mapping, identifying key stakeholders and their role, discussing systems dynamics including the role of mindsets, policies and cultural norms, and beginning to explore the opportunities for systemic change. Day Two will focus on the role of participants as funders in supporting systemic solutions by removing inhibitors and amplifying enablers of systemic change, and will also cover how funders can think about impact, learning and improvement from a systems perspective.

The program will combine short presentations on systems change, time to workshop your strategies and time to share ideas with peers and receive feedback. Participants will leave with clarity on the challenges and opportunities related to the challenge, a set of decisions to review with co-decision makers and a clear set of next steps for how to act upon your strategy in the short-term.

What is a Studio?

Forward Global Studios are highly interactive, expert-led programmes designed for members looking to go deeper on a particular practice or skill. They invite you to bring forward a challenge you are working on and to workshop the challenge with the expert, using tried and tested frameworks designed to help you overcome barriers and move forward. 

When is the program and when should I register?

Register as soon as possible! Places are limited, so we recommend signing up soon to avoid disappointment. The Studio will be held on Tuesday, November 12 & Thursday, November 14 for 3 hours each day beginning at 8:00am PST | 11:00am EST | 4:00pm GMT. If you have any questions, please contact Sam Underwood, Global Director of Programmes at

Who is eligible to join a Studio?

Studio participation is limited to Forward Global members who have completed an Essentials programme, or who completed the Cohort before 2018. This is required in order that participants have the foundational concepts and language required to go deeper. If you would like to join a Studio but haven’t completed these programmes, please reach out to your Relationship Manager for advice.

It is recommended that participants have a sufficient level of strategic focus to allow them to participate in the activities named above. It is not required that participants have a comprehensive written strategy, or have started making grants.

This kind of program appeals to me – what similar programs would you recommend?

For other Studio formats, see the Equity & Justice Studio or Impact Investing Studio.