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Democracy Action Lab

Democracy Action Lab

In Democracy Action Lab, we ask: What strategies and interventions will contribute to the long-term vitality of liberal democracy in the United States and around the world?

Despite profound mistrust in the federal government and significant barriers to voting, Indigenous peoples are incredibly politically engaged, with 77% participating in the last election (local, state, and/or federal). Judith Le Blanc, Executive Director of the Native Organizers Alliance, will share how Native communities have shifted key elections results in battleground states through their work to protect public lands and achieve tribal sovereignty.

AI for Humanity Action Lab

AI for Humanity: AI & Social Connection

As AI technologies become more embedded in daily human interactions, they offer new ways to connect and communicate but also bring challenges such as potential isolation and changes in how cultural identities are experienced and expressed. This evolving landscape prompts important questions about the nature of social relationships and empathy... Read more »

AI for Humanity Action Lab

AI for Humanity: AI & The Private Sector

What is the role of the private sector in promoting responsible tech? Entrepreneurs and investors are rushing to seize the possibilities, and, where possible, profit from them. If history is any guide, however, such innovations will likely take longer to reach under-resourced populations and they could even exacerbate inequalities absent... Read more »

AI for Humanity Action Lab

AI for Humanity: Action Lab Synthesis & Next Steps

How have you learned from this programming? Are there new issues that are higher priority and more visible than before? Has this programming catalyzed future decisions or investments? We’ll create meaning from what we’ve heard together and learn from the experiences of peers who have been down this path before.... Read more »

New Economy Action Lab

New Economy Action Lab: Climate justice & just transition

Join the New Economy Action Lab to explore how climate justice and just transition can inform & shape new economies. This session is highly recommended for members who are interested in funding work to support a more just and sustainable economy.

New Economy Action Lab

New Economy Action Lab: Review & look-ahead

In this closing session of the New Economy Action Lab, we come together to discuss learnings and takeaways from the year and next steps. This session will be speaker-free and exclusive to NEAL members.