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Action Labs


Action Labs are groups of Forward Global members who achieve even greater social impact by coming together around specific subjects to learn, collaborate, challenge, and inspire each other. Participants learn from peers and speakers, share ideas and resources, co-fund opportunities, and share practical advice to spark greater action and investment as a collective.

While each Action Lab is different, all set group objectives and are built upon core Forward Global values and principles.

See current Action Labs below.

Action Lab

Bringing together social investors of all levels who are eager to learn, connect, and drive bold action in the Decisive Decade for climate action.

Climate Action Lab

Action Lab

What strategies and interventions will contribute to the long-term vitality of liberal democracy around the world?

Democracy Action Lab

Bay Area
Action Lab

Increase philanthropic funding and social investing to organizations and leaders across the Bay Area to create a region where everyone can thrive

Bay Area Action Lab

Next Gen
Action Lab

Bringing together impact-minded next gens to support each other in being effective leaders

Next Gen Action Lab

Equity & Justice Action Lab

Forward Global members committed to centering equity and justice by questioning their philanthropic approaches and challenging white supremacy systems in philanthropy.

Equity & Justice

Family Table

An open, trusted and consistent space for peers who are working with or wanting to engage family thoughtfully to achieve impact.

Family Table Programs
What really motivates us as a group is the opportunity to learn from each other. We are a very supportive community. We are strong mentors and encouragers of each other to try things, to work on things in a courageous way, and to learn from each other in a very action-oriented way.
—Forward Global Member

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